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Having bottled up my feelings, I only failed myself.

Has it ever occurred to you that you have suppressed your feelings with the expectation that the other person may get hurt.

Have you been working hard in your daily job, facing immense pressure , not telling your manager or your higher ups that you can’t take it anymore just for reasons like fear, appeasing or peer pressure.

Then my dear friends you are simply failing yourself.

I was a victim of this travesty for several years, I did repress my feelings just to please people around me or get their patronisation.

By avoiding my emotions I did not eliminate them; rather, made it more difficult to manage other challenging situations that may occur in the future.

I forewent my emotional antennae which could have developed to understand Right from the Wrong.

Not only that the feelings would flare up into something inappropriate later.

If you are in the same predicament as I have been through, then it’s high time to make some reparations by standing up for yourself.

Don’t blow out , convey your emotions in a gentle, relaxed manner.


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