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I was feeling totally low on energy, felt the least initiative to lift my finger even & then

I am sure all of you would have come into crossroads with a situation where you were feeling all drained, clueless & directionless, not knowing what to do, abstractions in front of you.

What do you do?

I would generally go to bed or lie down and hardly do anything.

I would demand some motivation during those times.

This story may resonate with many other in some form or the other.

“I am not motivated today, I’ll do tomorrow ”, some say.

“I don’t have a clear direction, show it to me and I will follow through”, others may retort.

Do you know that it’s possible to change all your thoughts at the snap of your finger?

Yes I have done it. Simply read on

When you encounter such moment, simply take a deep breath, get into doing anything that can raise your energy levels.

I indulge in cleaning my home, or arranging stuff anything that can let your body warm up.

By doing so, your energy levels will rise, you will have no trouble taking Action.

If you are planning to post something, don’t just sit there waiting for motivation, pull up your sleeves take some action.

Actions you take will set the ball in to motion and your motivation will automatically surge.

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