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The candidate didn't fit the job, yet I learned aplenty

Today I had an interview scheduled with a candidate for a Java developer’s profile.

Having glimpsed his resume, it was evident the candidate wouldn’t cut the mustard.

However I decided to continue with the interview process , there were areas in his resume I had the slightest idea.

The candidate displayed high levels of energy and would go on and on on the technology he’s worked on.

The discussion intrigued me, I was in awe of this amazing robotic tech that was meant to deem redundant the monotonous activities at a workplace.

Although I was aware robots were taking on human jobs , hadn't quite realised they are already out there to get us.

I did take notes to review them later.

The discussion scheduled for 30 mins fell short of time, it could have gone for more.

Have you come across circumstances where wisdom was served to you when you least expected it.

I would love to hear from you.

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