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“What do you eat? He asked me”

I had stepped into the registration counter of the modelling audition event.

While waiting for my turn to arrive, one of the crew members went ahead chatting with me , about the crew, what they do etc.

He maintained that they are all chilled and all of them fall within our age group)of 30yrs max.

I laughed back “No buddy, I’m in my close 40s”.

He stopped for a moment and asked me what I ate.

I was easy going about it, felt good inside I must admit.

I felt a gush of gratitude rising inside of me for all the times I sacrificed delicious food for the sake of health, for the moments I practiced delayed gratification and for the times I invested on my self with no clarity of what was to come.

All those renunciations has made me a hale & hearty person for my age.

You know what? I feel so young at heart too.

Are you investing on your self, your grooming, your lifestyle, are you willing to make sacrifices for that better tomorrow?

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